Covid site restrictions update

Notice from SWSC Management Committee

  • 1.Why is the Club currently closed?

The club is currently not open because the government as a result of the latest lockdown has required all clubs to close.

2 Why can’t I use the club for my sport if the government and governing bodies say I can boat or fish?

For exercise only you can, boat, sail, canoe kayak, or fish from public facilities. The club has investigated whether we fall under the public facility and unfortunately, we don’t so we cannot allow you to exercise at the club.

3 Why can I not use the club grounds?

As mentioned above the government has ordered the club to close, this is what we’ve done. The government has also requested us to stay at home and only exercise locally. A limit of just 5KM seems to be the maximum distance at which you can exercise from home. Leaving home can only be done in accordance with the coronavirus regulations and guidance given When the Government has relaxed the current restrictions will Club management review the current arrangements.

4 I need to check on my boat(s)?

We are sorry, but whilst we know you have boats, caravans and or other equipment on the site, the government has chosen to order the club closed. Having reviewed the guidance and legislation it does not appear visiting the club for the purpose of checking, inspecting your boats etc, is a valid reason to leave home. Club management has in place arrangements to check on the safety and security of the site daily.

5. I have seen or heard about people visiting the site

The only people visiting the site at the moment are those authorised by the club to carry out safety and security checks and or oversee statutory inspections or attend to construction and site infrastructure development. No other people can visit the site.

6. Can I collect my equipment from site?

In extreme circumstances you may be able to pick up equipment from the site. This is done on a case by case basis and supported by an e mail application to management as to why it is necessary to pick up your equipment. The application will need to explain the reason it is essential to leave your home to collect the equipment. Arrangements on how to this will be carried out will also be made on a case by case basis. However once the equipment is removed it cannot be returned to site until lock down is removed or restrictions relaxed. All dues to the club will remain in force if the equipment is removed

7 Can I work on my boat or service them during this lockdown?

As the club is closed, unfortunately we cannot allow this to happen. Servicing and boat maintenance is currently deemed not a reasonable excuse to leave home.

COVID Reminder

Dear Members

Thank you for you continued support. As restrictions lift, it’s nice to see people enjoying their sport. A real buzz around the place again.

However, COVID-19 is still a serious concern to us all.

Please note we still have guidelines in place from our relevant governing bodies to protect each other. A reminder of these are as below.

No visitors or guests permitted on site at any time.

Changing rooms and showers must not be used.

Toilets are for intended use only and are not substitute changing cubicles.

Please wash hands regularly and sanitise

Clean all surfaces you have been in contact with including tables and chairs.

Speed limit at the club is still a strict 5mph

We hope you enjoy your time at the Club despite the regulations.

Please think of others and stay safe.

Kind regards

Paul Norman

SWSC Secretary

2019 Ski Calendar available !

The initial calendar for our events this year has been pulled together and loaded to the main club site – a quick view of just the Ski section events can be seen by following the link below. Why not add it as a bookmark on the home screen of your phone so it is always to hand.

Ski Diary 2019

2018 Waterski Section Calendar now available!

Happy New Year !

The latest version of the calendar for the coming year is now available here

Please always check back here for the latest version to check for any last minute changes and restrictions before heading to the lake !

Ski Work Party

A huge thanks to all those who pitched in to tackle the many jobs around the lake. Rumour has it Martin Ellis is still stuck in the Bungalow loft space threading the cable for the new patio floodlight !

The Committee, along with the help of members Andy Gilroy and Peter Worth, have also worked several weekends now on renovating the top end Slalom hut jetties. The job was far bigger than expected as it was not just the timber decking that had rotted through in places but also the scaffolding support structure underneath had rusted through after 30+ years in water ! We are still not finished but as you can see from the photos we are nearly there.

Thanks again for all the help provided, it saves £000’s of external contract costs which otherwise would have to be passed onto your Ski Section fees.

2017-02_Ski_WorkParty (1)

2017-02_Ski_WorkParty (5)

2017-02_Ski_WorkParty (8)

2017-02_Ski_WorkParty (9)

2017-02_Ski_WorkParty (2)

2017-02_Ski_WorkParty (3)2017-02_Ski_WorkParty (4)2017-02_Ski_WorkParty (7)2017-02_Ski_WorkParty (6)







2017 Ski Section AGM

Please be advised that this year’s Ski AGM will take place at the main Clubhouse on Weds 15th March 2017 at 8pm. An Agenda will be issued shortly.

2017 Ski Calendar now available

Hi All !

Those of you keen to get this year’s scrutineering and camping weekends sorted will be pleased to know the 2017 Ski Calendar is now available at the link below. This will be updated during the year as dates for any wakeboard and kneeboard coaching days become known as well as any additional events on the lake are arranged so check back regularly !

2017 Ski Calendar

New Year’s Eve Party !

or Tel: 07903 252659

Payment can also be made by Paypal by clicking on the link below:










Bonfire & Fireworks !

Saturday 5th November

The club will be hosting bonfire night again this year with the Clubhouse bar open and the BBQ fired up (bring your own food)

6:00 Fire lit
7:00 Fireworks display.
Everyone is invited to bring their own fireworks to contribute to the display. Please can you pass them to the organising ‘display team’ (in the Hi-Vis vests) when you arrive who will be safely letting the fireworks off on behalf of everyone.

Please keep away from slalom course

The slalom course has been damaged and there is a section of the underlying metal boom structure floating just below the surface in the course.

This will obviously cause great damage to a boat if driven over not to mention serious injury to a skier so please keep away from the slalom course area until we get chance to fix this hopefully during the work party this coming weekend.

We will confirm when safe to use the area again.